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 Meera Prai

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Meera Prai
Dancing Student
Meera Prai

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Meera Prai Tumblr_mrqmetcwyp1r4sv6bo1_500

Name:Meera Prai
Nicknames: Meers
Age: 17
Birthday: March 5
Job/Year Entering: 4th
Play By: Ellie Kendrick

Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: brown
Height: 5'6
Body Type: Thin and dancery???
Distinguishing Markings: nah
Dress Style: sweatpants and hoodies

Quirks: rocks on her feet, shifts her weight, moves a lot
Likes: dancing, music, extra dark chocolate, rice dishes, dogs
Dislikes: social interaction
Strengths: Dedicated, in shape, quick witted, good at paying attention, good sense of humor
Weaknesses: slightly obsessive, bad in any social situation,

Family History:Meera Prai has always been the “Smart” twin. Which is awful because Adrian is actually very smart, just not in the same way. Meera isn’t even that smart. She’s not in high level classes, she just does well because she’s really good at not giving up. She always studies and always does all her homework and does pretty alright. Her persistence has also assisted her when it comes to dance. Meera has been dancing since before she could walk and more than anything wants to dance professionally and nothing will stop her from getting there. Meera is very independant, unless of course it’s her twin brother. She and Adrian are nearly inseparable. Adrian is one of the only people Meera can talk to comfortably, without feeling that twist in her stomach. However, she’s working to over come it.

Mother: See Adrian Prai

Friends: Adrian
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Meera Prai
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