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Adrian Prai

Adrian Prai

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Name: Adrian Ryker Prai
Nicknames: Dri, Ade
Age: 17
Birthday: March 5
Job/Year Entering: 4th year
Play By: Shane Coffey

Hair Color: Brown and curly
Eye Color: Like chocolate
Height: 5’9”
Body Type: He doesn’t work out much, he’s a bit pudgy, not bad. He’s tall enough to where it thins him out.
Distinguishing Markings: None
Dress Style: Very casual, T-shirts and jeans. He wears band T-shirts a lot with skinny jeans and vans. Sometimes khakis and a button down if he feels like snazzing it up.

Quirks: Smiles a LOT, zones out a lot, does that stupid little thing where he laughs at his own jokes, bites his fingernails
Likes: music, partying, jokes, puns, Mountain Dew, stand-up comedy acts
Dislikes: people with no sense of humor, awkward moments, quietness, school
Strengths: Humorous, tries to cheer people up a lot, really good at making music, great tast in music, happiness
Weaknesses: He can sometimes be overbearing, he laughs at himself way too much, he’s very ba in awkward situations, he doesn’t know how to be quiet.

Family History: Adrian Ryker Prai was born to Arielle and Markus, loving parents who were beyond thrilled to have twins. Adrian loves his sister, Meera; they had the sort of telepathic connection that many twins are jokingly said to have. He jokes around with her a lot, especially when she’s upset. Adrian discovered a love for comedy very early. Watching Jeff Dunham and Jeff Foxworthy in his bedroom kept him up all night formulating his own jokes. He also developed a love for drumming when his father brought home an old drumset.
When Adrian was 15, his childhood best friend passed away due to kidney failure and the inability to find a donor in time. This caused Adrian to lose sight of his love for comedy for a while and sink into what seemed to be an inescapable dark place. Meera helped him out, though, and their relationship only grew stronger. His sister is the one he depends on for most anything. Adrian got his sense of humor back and went on to working on his own comedic act.

Mother: Arielle Prai
Father: Markus Prai
Siblings: Meera Prai (17)
Children: None
Other: None

Friends: Anyone who laughs at his puns.
Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Spouse: None
Enemies: People who don’t laugh at puns.
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Adrian Prai
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