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 Gracelynn Handel

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Gracelynn Handel
Visual Art Student
Gracelynn Handel

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Gracelynn Handel Tumblr_mjgjfmtup91rdx2gko1_500

Name: Gracelynn Faith Handel
Nicknames: Grace
Age: 16
Birthday: February 9th
Job/Year Entering: Sophomore
Play By: Katie Findlay

Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Height: 5' 3"
Body Type: Petite
Distinguishing Markings: Super cute
Dress Style: Girly, neutral

Quirks: Records everything, all the sleeves of her shirts are frayed from her pulling on them
Likes: Films, filming, flowers, birds, nature, cotton sheets, warm sweaters
Dislikes: Loud people, cancer, fighting, agressiveness
Strengths: Kind, loving, happy
Weaknesses: Very shy, doesn't talk

Family History: Gracelynn, or Grace as she prefers, grew up in West Virginia. Her childhood wasn't ideal. Her father was a drunk, and she would watch as he hit her mother nearly every night. She knew how to hide behind the walls, stay in the shadows so he wouldn't come and find her too. Grace was always quiet, almost scared of people. She never talked much growing up, and found a way to express her feelings in another way. Movies were always a favorite thing of Grace's, and she always knew in her head that she wanted to make them. She found beauty in films that she couldn't find in her own home. Her aunt got her a camcorder for her ninth birthday, and Grace recorded everything. It was the only thing that seemed to interest her, and after hearing about Caput Capitis it seemed like a perfect place for her to go. Grace is almost completely silent, and only speaks when spoken to. However, she is very caring and wants nothing more than a close friend to rely on.

Mother: Harper Handel
Father: Harper Handel

Friends: She's too shy
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Gracelynn Handel
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