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 Jaqueline Frank

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Jaqueline Frank
Cosmetology Student
Jaqueline Frank

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Name: Jaqueline Adelie Frank
Nicknames: Jackie
Age: 16
Birthday: October 18th
Job/Year Entering: Sophomore
Play By: Leven Rambin

Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Green
Height: 5' 8"
Body Type: Swimmer
Distinguishing Markings: Her eyes
Dress Style: Swimsuits, otherwise mostly tight fitting jeans and tops

Quirks: Licks her lips when pleased
Likes: Water, Gossip Girl, lingerie, the mall, girls
Dislikes: Her family, boring people, know-it-alls
Strengths: Strong, sassy, independent, determined
Weaknesses: Rude

Family History: Jackie's family never really got along. Even when she was young, she knew her parents weren't in love. So when they divorced, it wasn't a surprise. The girl simply went with it, spending every other month in California or Vermont. She never really attached to anything, going back and forth so often. However, the one thing she did find a passion for was swimming. Jackie loved the water and was on a swim team from the age of seven. She grew to love the sport more than she loved her parents. When she was seventeen, her mom remarried a man from Maine. From this marriage, two half sisters, a house in a new state, and the loud moans from the master bedroom each night. Jackie hated it, and knew if she didn't get out soon she might implode. After not a lot of convincing, Jackie's mom let her come to Capitis. She knows how to hold her tongue, but isn't afraid to tell a person the truth if they're getting on her last nerve.

Mother: Kennedy Taylor
Father: Jackson Frank
Siblings: Hannah Taylor (half-sister), Portia Taylor (half-sister)

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Jaqueline Frank
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