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 Lyssa Groff

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Lyssa Groff
Foreign Language Student
Lyssa Groff

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Name: Lyssa Arianne Groff
Nicknames: Lyss
Age: 19
Birthday: October 30th
Job/Year Entering: 3rd year
Play By: Kina Grannis

Hair Color: black
Eye Color: Dark brown, almost black
Height: 5’5”
Body Type: Petite, slender.
Distinguishing Markings: Ummm….
Dress Style: She gets someone to help dress her… she doesn’t really know what clothes look like but she likes soft fabrics.

Quirks: She touches people’s faces when she first meets them, refuses any help offered, always has headphones in.
Likes: Music, art that is textured so she can run her hands over it, soft fabrics, curly hair, touch.
Dislikes: Not being able to see anything, people offering her help extensively
Strengths: Independence, smart, great listener (haha), caring, protective
Weaknesses: Won’t let people pity her, doesn’t admit when something is wrong, very guarded.

Family History: Lyssa was born to Katerina and Isaiah Groff, two of the most loving parents. The Groff family seemed to be the definition of perfect; Lyssa always felt like the awkward piece. Born legally blind, she felt bad for depending on her brother, sisters, and parents for help. Hated it, really. She slowly developed a certain sense of independence, refusing to let her disability affect anything more than her grades in school (school is hard when you literally can’t see what the teacher is doing). She took to learning braille, forcing her older brother to help her so that she could do things for herself – like finding the girl’s bathroom.

Mother: Katerina Groff
Father: Isaiah Groff
Siblings: Isaac (26), Kelly (29), Mal (25)
Children: None
Other: None

Friends: Presley and Isaac
Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Spouse: Apparently her brother won’t let anyone touch her.
Enemies: No one
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Lyssa Groff
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