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 Eliana Parkinton

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Eliana Parkington
Cosmetology Student
Eliana Parkington

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Eliana Parkinton Giphy

Name: Eliana Rose Parkington
Nicknames: Eli (pronounced Ellie)
Age: 16
Birthday: November 18th
Job/Year Entering: 2nd year
Play By: Phoebe Tonkin

Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: Dark brown
Height: 5’4”
Body Type: Thin, short
Distinguishing Markings: Her nose ring
Dress Style: crop tops and shorts, lacy things, anything that shows just a little too much skin.

Quirks: stands with her hands on her hips a lot, chews gum constantly, pouts a lot and smirks even more.
Likes: Girls, comedies, reality TV shows, modeling, models…
Dislikes: Shy people, any type of physical activity, red meat, and most people
Strengths: Confident, smart, witty, pouting?, protective, once you gain her trust, you won’t lose it.
Weaknesses: Hard to impress, sassy, judgmental, tends to look down on people.

Family History: Eliana sort of learned to take care of herself throughout growing up. Though both of her parents were together and in the picture, they had jobs that required them to work long hours. Her father was constantly on business trips and her mother often worked until the early hours in the morning. Growing up with her grandmother was no easy job. Her grandmother was snippy and judgmental; Eliana picked those habits up from her. She became very secretive and manipulative, sneaking out in the middle of the night to party with friends or make out with the latest cheerleader who was “just experimenting.”
Even now, Eliana’s kept her sass and manipulative manners; she has learned to, at least, open up to people and be a bit more understanding.

Mother: Mandy Parkington
Father: Deidre Parkington
Siblings: None
Children: None
Other: Rosaline Parkinton (Grandmother)

Friends: She has very few.
Enemies: A lot of people don’t like her and she returns the feelings.
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Eliana Parkinton
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