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 Marilyn Margaret Ross

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Marilyn Ross
Cosmetology Student
Marilyn Ross

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Marilyn Margaret Ross Tumblr_m94rm3rBCH1rsvwcd

Name: Marilyn Margaret Ross
Nicknames: Mari (pronounced Marie not Mary)
Age: 17
Birthday: August 13th
Job/Year Entering: 3rd year
Play By: Gage gagagaga (I can’t spell her last name I gave up)

Hair Color: blonde and curly
Eye Color: Deep brown
Height: 6’0”
Body Type: Curvacious and full-figured
Distinguishing Markings: Her curls? Ummm… a tattoo of the word love behind her left ear.
Dress Style: Anything to show off her curves. Dresses that hug her figure, leather jackets, skinny jeans. CURVES.

Quirks: pops out her hip when she’s trying to be confident, smiles at herself in the mirror every time she passes a mirror, licks her teeth a lot (she doesn’t want to lick her lips and ruin her lipstick), talks to herself in the mirror (pep talks!)
Likes: Sweets, makeup, clothes, shoes, leather
Dislikes: inappropriate comments about her curves, diets, negativity
Strengths: extremely optimistic, hides her insecurity very well, comfortable in her own skin, confident
Weaknesses: Can come off cocky, when she gets insecure she doesn’t like to be around people, skeptical about love, isn’t easy to get close to

Family History: Marilyn’s mother (a huge fan of Marilyn Monroe,) father, and two sisters are all twigs. Simply looking at them makes Marilyn feel sick. And of course, as her mother jokes, the skinny gene skipped her generation. With her critical mother always on her back about her weight, Marilyn found a sort of solitude in makeup. Watching makeup videos, splurging on high-end cosmetics… everything about makeup made Marilyn feel secure. It hid every flaw and allowed her to transform into whomever she wished to be. A sexy bombshell or a quiet, naturally beautiful girl.
Her mother supported her love for makeup while her sisters mocked her, never understanding why she couldn’t submit to a diet and become “naturally beautiful” like them. Because of this, Marilyn developed more than a few deep-rooted insecurities but learned how to hide them very well.

Mother: Daisy Ross
Father: Ackman Ross
Siblings: Elle Ross (21) and Lizzie Ross (25)
Children: None
Other: None

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Marilyn Margaret Ross
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