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 Kolton Mariner

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Kolton Mariner
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Kolton Mariner

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Name: Kolton “Kol” Joshua Mariner
Nicknames: Kol
Age: 19
Birthday: December 10
Job/Year Entering: Janitor
Play By: Nathaniel Buzolic

Hair Color: Blonde with bits of brown scattered throughout
Eye Color: Brown, almost black.
Height: 6’1”
Body Type: Muscular, slim, he has abs?
Distinguishing Markings: His left ear is pierced, he has a tattoo on his back of a dove right between his shoulder blades.
Dress Style: Janitor clothes. When he isn’t working, holey jeans an plain black T-shirts.

Quirks: Punches things when he’s angry, grinds his teeth a lot, sucks in both of his cheeks when he’s trying to control himself.
Likes: Fighting/Boxing, alone time, reading, thrillers, writing screenplays
Dislikes: Crowded spaces, pressure, people having expectations of him
Strengths: Protective, Ambitious, Spontaneous, Great fighter
Weaknesses: He can’t handle pressure, people make him mad, he can’t control his anger, he doesn’t open up to people.

Family History: Kolton was smart in school. Straight As and loved by teachers, all the way up into High School. Junior and senior year, though, things changed. Kolton felt the pressure his parents were putting on him sink in the moment college brochures began coming in. Suddenly, Kolton could see his future – a life of expectations and the constant risk of breaking them – and something inside of him snapped. He gave up in school and his grades plummeted. His parents, concerned about what was happening with their son, sent him to therapy. The medicines didn’t work though; all that ended up coming out of everything was Kolton’s love for fighting. Punching people was morally incorrect; the punching bag in his room could take every bit of frustration he felt. He began entering into fight clubs. Kolton never told his parents what he was doing, but their concern grew with each bruise he came home with. Now, Kolton works as a janitor at the school and continues his legacy in the rinks in underground fight clubs.

Mother: Mary Mariner
Father: Dakota Mariner
Siblings: None
Children: None
Other: None

Friends: He doesn’t have very many friends. And even people who are his “friends,” he doesn’t call them that.
Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Spouse: None
Enemies: Everyone.
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Kolton Mariner
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