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 Adelyne Farrin

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Adelyne Ferrin
Biochemical Engineering Student
Adelyne Ferrin

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Adelyne Farrin Danielle-Campbell-danielle-campbell-36008077-500-308

Name: Adelyne “Addy” Christine Ferrin
Nicknames: Addy
Age: 16
Birthday: May 4
Job/Year Entering: 3rd year
Play By: Danielle Campbell

Hair Color: Brunette
Eye Color: stormy Gray
Height: 5’7”
Body Type: small and girly?
Distinguishing Markings: Her dimples, the freckles on the back of her left shoulder, the birthmark below her left collarbone.
Dress Style: Addy loves floral designs. She likes loose blouses, especially ones that hang off the shoulder. She’s really a southern girl… boots, loose blouses, and darkwash jeans.

Quirks: Runs her fingers through her hair a lot, chews on the inside of her cheek when she’s nervous, has to have some sort of noise all the time.
Likes: Country Music, dancing, romcoms, talking
Dislikes: Awkward people, quietness, driving
Strengths: Social, open, honest, she’s very charismatic, she can make the best out of situations
Weaknesses: She can’t pay attention for very long, she’s very talkative, she makes noises when things are quiet

Family History: Addy was born and raised in Tennessee and was constantly used to the overbearing shadow hanging over her due to her older siblings. She had to constantly try and do things to make others notice /her/ and not make judgments of her due to her last name. As though it weren’t bad enough as she was going through school, Addy’s own parents fawned over her two older siblings. Andrew was athletic and spontaneous; it was no surprise when he decided to take off to Nepal for a two year trip when he turned 21. Her sister, Aimee, made the bold decision to go to college in Maine. Determined not to be far away from two of their three children, AnnaLee and Andrew followed Aimee to Maine, dragging a reluctant – and more than slightly upset – Addy with them.

Mother: AnnaLee Ferrin.
Father: Andrew Ferrin
Siblings: Adam (22) and Aimee (19)
Children: None
Other: None

Friends: Everyone. She’s very social.
Enemies: Sometimes her siblings.
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Adelyne Farrin
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