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 Tyler Carson

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Tyler Carson
Police Officer

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Name: Tyler Monroe Carson
Nicknames: Ty
Age: 23
Birthday:December 2
Job/Year Entering: COP HOT COP
Play By: Georgie poo

Hair Color: black
Eye Color: icy
Height: 5'9
Body Type:skinny
Distinguishing Markings: dumb glasses
Dress Style: COP

Quirks: Licks his lips and stutters a bit, taps his toe quickly
Likes: Music. A lot, emoticons, dogs, children, being a lil happy fuck
Dislikes: being SAD, his family's need for drama, his accent
Strengths: cute powers activate, smart, well spoken, persistent, thorough, brave
Weaknesses: kinda weak, wimpy, emotional, quiet

Family History: Tyler Carson was born in London, England in december of 1990 to two very loving parents. He was the youngest of three boys. His older brothers, Edmund and Charles never made it easy for Tyler to impress his parents. Edmund was the top of all his classes and never failed to bring home top marks. When Tyler was thirteen Edmund was accepted on a full scholarship to Oxford, where he began to study Medicine. Charles, the younger of the two, excelled at sports and was very social. He always had a girl on his arm, and he always treated her right. He played Rugby and Football in school, and later moved on to swimming as well. When Tyler was 15 Charles was accepted into a very prestigious sporting school. Tyler was quite average at everything. His father, Greggory Carson, was a very well known lawyer, and his mother, Cecilia, was a local politician who fought for the justice of those most in need. Tyler was the quiet son, several years younger than both his brothers and never too quick to show off his talents to others. When Tyler finished his primary schooling at 18, he decided to take a gap year, and traveled alone to New York. There he found a passion. Upholding the law. He immediately applied and although he barely made it in, he put all his effort and heart into the job. After a bad accident left him hospitalized for a year at 21, Tyler decided that desk work would be good for him for awhile. He transfered out of New York to Maine, a smaller town with no large scale crimes and less danger.

Mother: Cecilia
Father: Greggory
Siblings: Edmund and Charles

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Tyler Carson
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