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 Simon Manson

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Simon Manson
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Simon Manson Tumblr_my4cgy319G1t919sho2_500

Name: Simon Lennon Manson
Nicknames: Si
Age: 17
Birthday: February
Job/Year Entering: 4th

Hair Color: blond
Eye Color: blue
Height: 5'6
Body Type: like a lil girls
Distinguishing Markings: them eyes like the ocean
Dress Style: hoodies and jeans or button downs

Quirks: rocks on his feet when he's nervous, jumps or hops when hes really excited and trying to say something/ impatient
Likes: Music, preferably when it's loud, video games, his dog, his family
Dislikes: his father's job, the fact that he's probably going to end up a cop, John Lennon, reading homework
Strengths: Quick, funny, smart, social skills
Weaknesses: Sarcastic, bad at math, doesn't think too much before he talks when angry, short tempered

Family History: Simon Lennon Manson was born in February. He doesn’t really remember the event, but his mother insists that it was a noteworthy event. In his seventeen years on the planet, Simon recalls at least 193 people telling him “You look just like your mom” the number that stuck around to learn that he was more like his father was a dismal one digit number. But that didn’t mean Simon wasn’t popular. Sure adults who knew his parents weren’t his forte (Normally they were friends of his father, a cop. Cop friends don’t normally bother with snotty teenagers). Simon had tons of friends. Hundreds, if you asked Facebook. Just because he never got invited to parties didn’t mean he wasn’t popular. People loved him for his charm and good looks and because if you managed to brownnose your way into a friendship, apparently his father would let you off on speeding tickets. A lie, unless of course, you’re Simon Lennon Manson. Or Nautica. But that’s another story. Simon Manson was a funny friendly good kid to have around until his dad became Sheriff. Then people didn’t want to hang out with him. But that didn’t stop Simon’s biting humor or charming smile, nor did it stop people from being his friend. It just put a halt to all possible hopes of ever going to a real party. Which wasn’t too bad, really.

Mother: Marlene
Father: Adler Manson
Siblings: None :I

Friends: Nautica
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Simon Manson
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