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 Adler Manson

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Adler Manson
Adler Manson

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Name: Adler Leighton Manson
Nicknames: None.
Age: 40
Birthday: September 11
Job/Year Entering: Police Sheriff
Play By: Mr. Rugged and Handsome himself, Nathan Fillion

Hair Color: Dark brown
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 6’2”
Body Type:Very tall, broad shouldered.
Distinguishing Markings: His messy hair?
Dress Style: Mostly suits, he’s a classy man.

Quirks: Makes jokes when he’s nervous, clenches and unclenches his fist when he’s angry
Likes: Cars (especially red cars), Mexican food, big homes, John Lennon
Dislikes: the sound of fingers popping… Not much else he doesn’t like. He’s a pretty agreeable person.
Strengths: Comical, patient, caring, devoted
Weaknesses: Show-off at times, overly confident in himself, protective, overbearing

Family History: Adler Manson was born to Jeremiah and Ann Manson, two adoring parents. The Manson’s come from a long line of money, so Adler never knew a life of poverty. His obsession with fast cars and fast businesses started off when he was young. His obsession with crime, however, didn’t start until later into his life.
His parents were appalled at first that their son wished to pursue a career in the police force. They expected him to go into stocks or business. But Adler wasn’t capable of being interested in expeditures and revenues. All he wanted was a fast car and a bullet proof vest. Living life “James Bond Style” as he called it.
When Adler met Marlene, it was anything but love at first sight. She was quiet and reserved, a girl used to having to work to get what she wanted in life. Adler, on the other hand, was at the complete other end of the spectrum. He expected things to almost be handed to him. Girls, cars, money. He wanted it all. But the two were shoved together on school assignments all throughout high school. Adler, depending on Marlene’s brains, and Marlene secretly depending on Adler’s sense of humor to help ease her struggles.
When Adler turned 18, his whole world fell to pieces. His father was caught embezzling money from corporations the Manson family had “supported” for so long. Jeremiah was hauled off to jail and Ann suffered a stroke that left her unable to speak for herself or function without help. It was then that Adler turned to Marlene for support and the two developed a deep connection. They were married three years later and soon had their son, Simon.
In order to put his humiliating past of family fraud behind him, Adler moved away from his home with Marlene and started a new life. He worked as a cop and eventually moved up to a sheriff’s position. Adler was able to keep his sense of humor despite all that happened and a deep sense of protectiveness over his family. However, there is still a bit of cockiness and obsession with all that glitters engraved in Adler.

Mother: Annabeth (Ann) Brianna Manson
Father: Jeremiah Drake Manson
Siblings: None
Children: Simon Lennon Manson
Other: Marlene Eliza Manson (wife)

Friends: Timothy Greer, Marlene Manson
Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Spouse: Marlene Eliza Manson (Wife)
Enemies: His father at times…
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Adler Manson
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