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 Nautica Mae

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Nautica Mae
Veterinary Student
Nautica Mae

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Name: Nautica Coriander Mae
Nicknames: Mermaid girl, Flower girl, Star girl…
Age: 17
Birthday: May 10
Job/Year Entering: 3rd
Play By: Gabriella Wilde

Hair Color: Dirty blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5’0”
Body Type:Very skinny and modelesque.
Distinguishing Markings: Her sharp jaw line
Dress Style: floral shorts, maxi skirts, sleeveless shirts, lace, dreamcatcher/owl jewelry

Quirks: Nautica has a habit of chewing her lip when she’s bored and rolling her eyes a lot.
Likes: Nature, poetry, old movies, pin-up mermaid drawings, red lipstick
Dislikes: long books, puns, overbearing sweetness, love
Strengths: Nautica is a very easy-going person and knows how to look on the bright side of life. She’s excellent at listening and very attentive. She’s very confident and able to make decisions.
Weaknesses: She’s very gullible and believes everything that she hears. She’s also a gossiper and a bit of a tease. She’s flirty in a very friendly way and has a habit of leading guys on.

Family History: Nautica’s was born to Terry Mae and June Holloway, two very loving parents. Terry and June split early in Nautica’s childhood, however, and both happily remarried within a few years. Nautica gets along well with her step-siblings and step-parents. She spends time between her parents, who both still live in Maine and keep in good contact with each other.
Nautica was raised to be very environmentally friendly. Her parents were the “hippie couple” in every place they went. Due to their raising, Nautica developed an intense love for animals, and plans to work in veterinary science.

Mother: June Holloway
Father: Terry Mae
Siblings: Elton (step-brother, 13), Kenzie (Step-sister, 13), and Liberty (Step-sister, 21).
Children: None
Other: Dawn Mae (Step-mother) and Mirakel Holloway (Step-father)

Friends: To be established.
Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Spouse: To be established.
Enemies: To be established.
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Nautica Mae
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