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 Kayman Lambrett

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Kayman Lambrett
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Kayman Lambrett

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Name: Kayman Andrius Lambrett
Nicknames: Kay, Lamb-chop
Age: 20
Birthday: May 4
Job/Year Entering: Teaches an acting class at a local theatre.
Play By: Tom Welling (Young Tom, like Smallville Tom)

Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 6’2”
Body Type: Lean and muscular (mostly muscular from dancing).
Distinguishing Markings: That jaw.
Dress Style: Mostly plain black shirts and jeans. Sometimes he mixes it up and adds a brown leather jacket.

Quirks: His puns and ability to find funny situations in everything.
Likes: Puns, Theatre, acting
Dislikes: Serious people, overbearingness, when people expect too much from him.
Strengths: Organization, humor, multitasking, caring
Weaknesses: Being serious, realizing how desperate situations can be

Family History: Kayman’s father married and adopted him in Germany. They moved to America when Kayman was 11, where he learned to speak English. Kayman is fluent in German, English, and knows some Italian. Kayman got a start as an actor when he was very young, starring in diaper and cereal commercials. His father, Kurt, served as his manager, while his other father, Stephan, served as a padding between the two. Kayman dislikes Kurt’s tendancy to be overbearing; he loves both of his fathers.

Mother: None.
Father: Kurt and Stephan Lambrett
Siblings: None.
Children: None.
Other: None.

Friends: Theodore Young, Gabriel Passione
Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Spouse: Tovi Eleazer
Enemies: No one.
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Kayman Lambrett
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