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Jane Johnson
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Jane Johnson

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actually a serial killer

Jane Johnson Tumblr_m27w11rtyc1qb56ino1_500

Name: Jane Samantha Johnson
Nicknames: None
Age: 24
Birthday: February 19th
Job/Year Entering: Owner of Taylor's Tailoring
Play By: Roxane Mesquida

Hair Color: Naturally blonde, dyed brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5' 7"
Body Type: Thin
Distinguishing Markings: Birthmark in the shape of a spade right above her left hipbone
Dress Style: Expensive

Quirks: Often clicks her tongue and taps her fingers when impatient
Likes: Shopping, clothes, The CW, high heels, red lipstick, people
Dislikes: Places that are too warm, people who smack their gum
Strengths: Intelligent, honest, friendly
Weaknesses: Blunt, stubborn

Family History: Jane Samantha Johnson, originally named Vienna Elise Carlyle, was born and raised in Bel Air, California. At the age of three, Vienna's mother left the family. She kept no contact; the divorce papers she mailed a week later were the last anyone ever heard from her. While Vienna was too young to really comprehend what was going on, her father turned to alcohol to cope. Even with the nanny her father hired, Vienna was independent from a young age, able to suffice a normal day on her own at the age of eight. As she grew, her father's alcoholism decreased slightly, but not by much. She learned to take care of him, developing a close relationship. Although Vienna still valued material things and was far from being a pleasant person, her father admired her honesty and maturity even from a young age. Vienna was closer with her father than any of her friends, and told him everything due to his easy going nature. Even after finishing high school, she attended a local college and returned home every night for her daily dinner with her father.

When Vienna was 23 and still living at home, her father began to see other women. It began as one night stands, which Vienna let slide despite that the women were still closer to her age. However, when her father became serious with a twenty nine year old model, Vienna was angered. The dislike for her father's new girlfriend was obvious, and when the girl was murdered, Vienna was the obvious suspect. But much to everyone's surprise and disbelief, Vienna was innocent. No matter how much she pleaded guilty, the court wouldn't buy it. Just as she was about to be sent to prison, her father admitted to committing the murder. Although Vienna didn't buy his story, her father blamed it on his alcoholism, convinced the judge, and was taken away to an institute. Vienna attempted to stay in Bel Air after her father's sentence, but soon found that all of the so-called family friends had abandoned her at some point during the trial. When her distant Aunt Taylor died, leaving behind a shop in Janesport, Maine, Vienna jumped on the opportunity. Since Aunt Taylor had no will and Vienna, being her only niece, was the closest thing to an heir, she received the shop. After dyeing her hair and getting fake papers, she left California behind and left on a train, starting a new life as plain Jane Samantha Johnson.

Mother: Heather Hafner Carlyle
Father: Scott Carlyle


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Jane Johnson
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