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 Chloe Davenport

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Chloe Davenport
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Chloe Davenport

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Name: Chloe Helene Davenport
Nicknames: Chlo/Cloe
Age: 16
Birthday: December 14th
Job/Year Entering: 4th
Play By: Emma Stone

Hair Color: Blonde (was dyed red for years)
Eye Color: Hazel
Height: 5' 6"
Body Type: Healthy
Distinguishing Markings:
Dress Style: Preppy

Quirks: Plays with her hands and hair when nervous
Likes: Tea, Nicholas Sparks books, ice cream, tights, flowers
Dislikes: Cigarette smoke, hats, green beans
Strengths: Smart, loud
Weaknesses: Can be obnoxious, chickens out, bad at relationships

Family History: Chloe grew up in Salem, Oregon. Her mother worked as a travel writer, and was often abroad. Her father owned a successful business, manufacturing sporting goods. Since both of her parents worked so much, her and her older brother were mostly raised by various nannies. It never bothered them, since their parents still tried to be as around as possible. Chloe and Landon always played tricks on the nannies, and went through seven of them before her parents decided Landon was responsible enough to be in charge. It was always thought that her older brother was going to take after their father and become the CEO of the family business. However, when he was offered a full ride to the University of Connecticut to play football, things were changed. The entire family moved to Conneticut, and her brother accepted the college scholarship. Chloe's parents sent her to

Mother: Kristin Davenport
Father: Grant Davenport
Siblings: Landon Davenport (20)

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Chloe Davenport
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