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 Lana Chapman

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Lana Chapman
Cosmetology Student
Lana Chapman

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Name: Lana Diane Chapman
Age: 15
Birthday: July 29th
Job/Year Entering: 4th
Play By: Mila Kunis

Hair Color: Dark brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5'9"
Body Type: Skinny, much like her mother's
Distinguishing Markings: Birthmark on her collarbone.
Dress Style: Slutty. Skinny jeans, off the shoulder sweaters, short hemmed dresses.

Quirks: Twirls with hair when uncomfortable, bites her lip
Likes: Partying, drinking, her friends, lakes, traveling, puppies, babies, Jax
Dislikes: Nuns, mean girls (people, not the movie), people who mess with her family
Strengths: Attractive, charismatic, persuasive, persistent
Weaknesses: Can get carried away, doesn't know her limit, can be stupid, poor memory (when it comes to academics), will do anything for the people she loves

Family History: Most of Lana's childhood, as she remembers, wasn't the typical playdates and toys galore. Having a struggling teen mom who was trying to get through college wasn't the easiest way to live, but they made it work. Although Lana can tell you more about the various elderly people her mom left her with during the day, she kept a very strong bond with her mother. Her mother was the only family she had, and there was nobody Lana idolized more. She knew her mother worked hard for her, and she couldn't love anyone else more. They had their days, like any mother and daughter, but even when they were barely living above poverty, they really were happy.

Lana always remembers wanting a house. Before they could afford one, thanks to inheriting family money, they lived in fifteen different apartments. She couldn't have been happier, finally living in a real home, and a nice one. Everything fell into place, and Lana and Georgina could finally live a stable lifestyle. She made friends at her new school, friends she knew that she would be able to keep, no longer having to worry about when they would be moving to another apartment. Lana was loud and opinionated, but always well-behaved. She never broke the few rules her mother set, and the two barely ever fought.

When Lana was fourteen, she started dating a boy named Eric. Eric was seventeen, and lived just down the street. Her mother was concerned, but Lana reassured her, telling her that he was the sheriff's son, he'd never do anything awful. After a few dinners, her mother eased up. For Lana's birthday in July, Eric got her a fake ID and brought her with him to a nightclub. She was uncomfortable, but never could say no to him. After a while, Lana asked to leave, and Eric exited her out. As she looked for the keys, which Eric had put in her clutch, he pulled her into the back alley and raped her. It was the scariest thing that ever happened to Lana, and bringing it up will shut her down in a heartbeat. After a month of serious counseling before school started, Lana learned to push the issue to the back of her head. She's a loving, outgoing person who is willing to be anyone's friend.

Mother: Georgina Chapman
Father: Roger Chapman Damien Bentley
Siblings: None
Children: None
Other: Cousins: Marco Barrett, Hunter Barrett

Friends: Jax, Annah, Hunter, Gabriel, Theo, Sebastian, Maura?, Marco, Belle, Cadence, Matt, Mom, Dad
Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Spouse: Dating Jax Crawline.
Enemies: Jenna McIntyre
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Lana Chapman
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