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 Alaska Maddison

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Alaska Maddison

Alaska Maddison

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Name: Alaska Jade Maddison
Nicknames: Al. Laska, AJ
Age: 17
Birthday: November 30
Job/Year Entering: 5
Play By: Teresa Oman

Hair Color: blondish brown
Eye Color: green
Height: 5'5
Body Type: dancer
Distinguishing Markings: has a couple of scars on her arms
Dress Style: sweatpants and tank tops

Quirks: chews her lip
Likes: Drawing, Reading, dancing, braiding her hair, when other people play with her hair
Dislikes: pictures, when people look at her
Strengths: stubborn, free willed, very good at dancing
Weaknesses: afraid, shy, emotional

Family History: Alaska grew up in a small town in northern Wyoming, with only her siblings for friends. When she was ten, Xavier moved in down the road, and the two, being close in age, hit it off right away. When she was 15 her mother """"Snapped"""" and killed all three of her siblings, and then herself. Alaska hid in a closet until her father returned home. Since the accident she has become very jumpy and speaks very little

Mother: Lilly Mae Maddison (Deceased)
Father: Zacheriah Maddison
Siblings: Opal Maddison (11)(deceased) Skip Maddison(16)(deceased) Zora Maddison (18)(deceased)

Friends: Xavier
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Alaska Maddison
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