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 Lucy Lee Raine

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Lucy Lee Raine

Lucy Lee Raine

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Name: Lucy Lee Raine
Nicknames: Lulu, Luce
Age: 17
Birthday: March 12
Job/Year Entering: 6th year
Play By: Lauren Froderman

Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: blue-green
Height: 5'3"
Body Type: Dancer body
Distinguishing Markings: none
Dress Style: spandex shorts and sports bras; sweat pants and T-shirts

Quirks: Constantly stretching her toes, presses her lips together when nervous, grinds her teeth when mad
Likes: dancing, contemporary, jazz, hip hop, Broadway, chicken
Dislikes: love, tap, tea, coffee
Strengths: dancing, honest, caring, never controlling
Weaknesses: honest to a fault, realistic, doesn't believe in love

Family History: ughhhhh basically her parents are divorced and because of their falling out of love, Lulu no longer believes in love. Both her parents are very kind and loving; her brother is a successful asshole lawyer. Lulu was not planned; she's a daddy's girl.

Mother: Marlene Raine
Father: Brendan Raine
Siblings: Crinshaw Raine (28)
Children: none
Other: none

Friends: dunno
Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Spouse: none
Enemies: love.
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Lucy Lee Raine
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