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 James Montez

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James Montez
School Nurse
James Montez

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James Montez Tumblr_mo1ou4nguQ1srr7f5o1_500

Name: James Isaac Montez
Nicknames: Jamie
Age: 42
Birthday: December 30
Job/Year Entering: School Nurse
Play By:

Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 6'
Body Type: Jamesish
Distinguishing Markings: Laughs at everything
Dress Style: Hoodies and Jeans

Quirks: Laughs a lot, Nearly always chewing on gum or a pen
Likes: Rachel, Chai tea, Mint gum, Dogs, sometimes his kids
Dislikes: Cars, Those family photos Rachel used to make them all get, Christmas, coffee, sweet tea
Strengths: Kind, Loud, Persistent, a real go getter, smart, emotionally sound
Weaknesses: Sad, sarcastic, Curses a lot,

Family History: James was raised in Northern Spain, When he was 10, his father ran out on his family and they moved to Vermont. While attending Manson Academy, his mother died. He dropped out of school to support his family, and returned to Cardiff, where he had lived briefly before Vermont. At age 20 he pulled his life back together and started Med School. At age 22 he married Rachel, his high school sweetheart whom he had a falling out with before he left school

Mother: Isobelle Montez(Deceased)
Father:Richard Montez (Deceased)
Siblings:Roberta Montez(37), Alexandria(39), Christopher (48)
Children: Sebastian(18), Maura(16), Julian(Would be 19)(deceased)

Friends: Rache, Georgie
Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Spouse: Married to Rachel Emerson-Montez
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James Montez
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