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 Ruby Imogene Neeva-Harrison

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Ruby Neeva

Ruby Neeva

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Ruby Imogene Neeva-Harrison Tumblr_m837eqvtNz1qa0mrmo1_500

Name: Ruby Imogene Neeva-Harrison
Nicknames: Ruby
Age: 16
Birthday: July 3rd
Job/Year Entering: 4th
Play By: Ellie Fox

Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Hazel
Height: 5'6
Body Type: thin
Distinguishing Markings: Blonde hair
Dress Style: Vintage/hipster

Quirks: licks her lips, smirks
Likes: Girls, Boys, Cats, Fireworks, Alcohol, Parties, Reading, Tattoos
Dislikes: Being around large numbers of people she doesn't know, dogs, insects, artists, ""Hipstes""
Strengths: Hard headed, Persistent, Witty
Weaknesses: Sarcastic, Impulsive

Family History: Born into a medium sized family, Ruby quickly learned she didn't belong ad started saving up for CC

Mother: Annilese Harrison
Father: Edward Neeva
Siblings: Ruth (16) Edward (19) William (13)

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Ruby Imogene Neeva-Harrison
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