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 Marco Barrett

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Marco Barrett
Graduate of Caput Capitis
Marco Barrett

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Marco Barrett Tumblr_mhyz2a5r5Z1s0d00io1_500

Name: Marco Anthony James Barrett
Nicknames: Marc, Polo
Age: 18
Birthday: June 6th
Job/Year Entering: Head Steward, Year 6, Science Student
Play By: dana

Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue/Green
Height: 6'4
Body Type: Model BOD
Distinguishing Markings: Scar behind his left ear
Dress Style: Fancy he's a rich little shit

Quirks: Quarks his mouth up (Like in pic) when he's thinking, bites his lip and tugs on his hair when he's nervous
Likes: Sex, French pop music, reminding people he's rich, 1940s movies, running, His aunt and cousin
Dislikes: His family, his sister, sitcoms, rap music, bugs.
Strengths: He's determined and passionate about things he cares about and pretty strong.
Weaknesses: He does not do manual labor, and isn't used to working for the things he wants. He's super duper cocky and is used to people giving him what he wants right away.

Family History:

Mother: Sydney Barrett
Father: Anthony Barrett
Siblings: Cecillia Barrett (15)
Children: NA

Friends: Lana and her mum
Enemies: Belle
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Marco Barrett
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