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 Kathryn Valentyn

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Kathryn Valentyn
Graduate of Caput Capitis
Kathryn Valentyn

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PostSubject: Kathryn Valentyn   Kathryn Valentyn EmptySun Jun 09, 2013 9:29 pm

It was her first party in coming to Caput Capitis. A fourteen going on fifteen year old Kathryn Valentyn looked herself over in the mirror. Lips glossed, hair straightened, clothes that hugged her petite frame in a way that made her look just a tad slutty. She made her way to the party, finding a group of girls she knew and sticking with them. She eyed a few boys and a few eyed her back, and Kat had her first drink of alcohol. She danced. She talked. She drank. It was the typical high school party, and little did Kat know then, she'd never forget it.

Towards the end of the night, her phone rang. Seeing that it was her sister, Kat stepped out into the quieter hallway to answer it. "Daddy's in a bit of trouble," Lyssa told her. She explained that Daddy had embezzled money to fund his company, and that he'd just told Mom and Lyssa. The Feds had a bit of a lead, they'd been tipped off. If Daddy got caught, they'd be bankrupt with nothing left. Kat didn't know a life without money. She didn't want to. Lyssa tried to comfort her, tell her everything was going to be okay. All Kat could think about was what would happen and if Daddy was going to go to prison and if they'd have to sell of her things and if she'd have to shop at Walmart. Once she'd hung up on Lyssa, Kat ran to a nearby corner, collapsing onto the ground and bursting into tears. This wasn't happening, this couldn't have been happening. She could hear fighting off in the distance, and while Kat normally would have gone to investigate, she couldn't move. She was frozen in the fetal position, sobbing into her knees.

"You alright, love?" A female voice came from roughly three feet away. Kat said nothing in response.

But it wasn't over. The voice, that had belonged to a freshman Jenna McIntyre, had been consoling, and attempted to comfort her no matter how much Kat pushed her away. A combination of Jenna's willingness to listen and the small, but affecting, portion of alcohol she'd taken caused the young brunette to confess everything. She poured out everything that she'd been told in the past half hour, not caring about how it could hurt her and the dangers of telling another person. Once part of it came out, the rest followed, the same way a person loses everything. Kat thought it would be okay, she was too naive to know any better. Jenna smiled sweetly at her, walking her back to the dorm and reassuring her that everything would be okay in the end.

After that night, Kat thought she'd never hear from the blonde again. But when Jenna McIntyre showed up at her door with two cups of Starbucks and a lip gloss, Kat willingly let her in. "I need you to help me with something," Jenna explained. Kat hadn't paid too much attention, she knew that it was revenge on some girl, and Kat wasn't into that kind of stuff. She told Jenna that, and the blonde have her that same smile she'd consoled Kat with just a week ago. "Do I need to remind you about what you told me? Surely you wouldn't want me to tell someone else."

And to save her family, Kat obliged. She gave up her innocence - not sexually, but mentally. No longer was she the sweet little brunette, but the sidekick to the bitchiest girl in the school. And it didn't stop there. All Jenna needed to do was give Kat that smile, and she was in. Not because she wanted to - because she had to.
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Kathryn Valentyn
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