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 Presley Renee Walcott

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Presley Montez
Presley Montez

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Name: Presley Renee Walcott
Nicknames: Pres, Princess, Champ
Age: 21
Birthday: March 18
Job/Year Entering: Librarian
Play By: Melissa Benoist

Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5’5”
Body Type: skinny, short, girly?
Distinguishing Markings: Tattoo on her neck that says “free”  
Dress Style: Very girly in a casual way – nice blouses with jeans.
Quirks: Smiles when she’s nervous, bites her lip a lot, stutters when she’s nervous, cries when she’s angry
Likes: Reading, writing, singing, children
Dislikes: cynical personalities, being questioned about the future, dancing
Strengths: Happy, loving, faithful,
Weaknesses: Anxious, impatient, defensive, emotional

Family History: Presley’s parents were highschool sweethearts, and on the outside, it appeared as though they were madly in love. However, her father turned her back on she and her mother and did a poor job of raising Presley after her mother’s death. Presley made life with her father bearable by writing and reading. Presley is now in college studying to be a teacher and works in the library to help fund that. Presley is very close to the Montez family, and she would be more likely to refer to them as her family.

Mother: Raina Walcott
Father: Justin Walcott

Friends: Belle Harding, Cadence Nevaeh, Matthew Durringer, Caleb Sharmin, Maura Montez, Sebastian Montez
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Presley Renee Walcott
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