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 Georgina Chapman

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Georgina Chapman
Headmistress In Chief
Georgina Chapman

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Georgina Chapman Giphy

Name: Georgina Quinn Chapman
Nicknames: Georgie, George, Georgia
Age: 31
Birthday: August 4th
Job/Year Entering: Headmistress
Play By: Olivia Wilde

Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Height: 5' 10"
Body Type: Model
Distinguishing Markings: A self-inflicted scar on the right of her stomach, a birthmark on the small of her back.
Dress Style: Classy and professional.

Quirks: Wrings her hands when nervous.
Likes: Children, movies, popcorn, food, balloons, taking warm baths, traveling, being with her friends
Dislikes: Anyone who hurts her family, her brother & sister-in-law
Strengths: Independent, strong, funny, fiercely loyal, brave, charismatic
Weaknesses: Doesn't know her limit, temper, can be over protective

Family History: Georgina Barrett was born and grew up in Clifton Park, New York. Although she had two older brothers, the younger of the two was ten years older than her, so she was practically the only kid in the house. Her father was wealthy off of inheritance and his real estate empire, and her mother was a pretentious socialite. Georgina was very sheltered, rarely leaving her own house except for school or to go to a friend's. To say she was a brat was an overstatement, but it wasn't too far from the truth. Growing up with more money than her family knew what to do with, her parents rarely said no to her. Georgina was used to getting her way, and wasn't so pleasant when things didn't work out. When she was thirteen she started her schooling at Caput Capitis, just like the rest of the family. Her older brothers were both lawyers, and she was given a choice  between the legal field and the medical field. She had seen her brothers come home with stacks of paperwork from their boring jobs; she wouldn't be caught dead spending her life that way. Georgina - but mostly Georgina's parents - decided that she would be a nurse, and gave her a set career path at the age of thirteen. Soon after starting at Capitis, Georgina realized that the boring science classes weren't for her. She much preferred the Latin and French language courses, and she adored her acting professor. No matter how many times she tried to convince her parents, they wouldn't let her switch her classes. She was going to be a nurse, and that was set. When she was a sophomore, Georgina started dating Roger Chapman, a boy who she thought was everything she ever wanted. Roger was a junior year business student at the time, and he was everything Georgina could have dreamed of. Handsome, intelligent, charming - Georgina was head over heels within weeks. She was fascinated by the way he led his life, and that he was so determined with wanting to be a businessman.

Her parents never wanted to meet Roger, and ignored Georgina whenever she would ramble on about him. This frustrated to her to no end, and she complained to Roger quite often. He eventually convinced her to go against her parents, and Georgina pleaded her case to the headmaster, changing her courses to acting, something that she much preferred. By the time she was a junior, Georgina had changed from the girl she had first been when starting at Capitis. She had left the bubble her parents had kept her in for so long, and wanted to try everything possible, while keeping as far of a distance from her parents as she could. Georgina and Roger had stayed together, and were known by everyone in the school. They loved each other, and nobody thought that anything could ever break them. On one night, Roger took Georgina along to a party in the business dorms. They both had too much to drink, and after Roger had pressured her, Georgina lost her virginity. Only two weeks later, she found out that she was pregnant. She hid it from Roger until he found out, and waited to tell her parents until she was three moths along. After she did so, they kicked her out of the house and out of the entire family; only her oldest brother would speak to her. She finished out the year, and decided not to go back to school. Roger and her were going to keep the baby, and she needed to take care of her child. The day after Roger's graduation, they went to the courthouse and received a marriage license. A few days after they had been married, Georgina's parents had officially disowned her.

Roger would be attending Columbia the next year, so the two moved to New York City. They lived in a studio apartment, the size of Georgina's former closet and barely being able to pay rent. It was small, dirty, and Georgina felt terrible about bringing a baby into those conditions. She had her baby, Lana, and everything was somewhat peaceful. A month later, Georgina noticed Roger was coming home later and later each night, more and more drunk. They fought constantly, and one night Roger walked out. He mailed papers for divorce a week later, with a note saying he wasn't coming back and that if she didn't sign them, he would take legal action. It took Georgina a week before she could bring herself to sign the papers. Roger had left her in a dilapidated apartment, with a two month old baby, no income and only twenty dollars to spare. Georgina was suffering from post partum depression, and had completely lost it. With not even a high school diploma, she knew she needed money. She found a day job at a cheap diner on the block, where they let her bring Lana as long as she didn't cry. But that was barely enough to cover rent, and Georgina couldn't even afford to buy new clothes for herself or Lana. At night Georgina would leave Lana with a neighbor who would watch her, and take to the streets behind dingy bars and strip clubs, selling her body and doing nearly anything make any money. She returned each night in tears, smelling of cigarettes and liquor, hating what she was doing to herself. It took an entire eight months before Georgina was on her feet, and managed to pull herself back together. She moved out of the apartment that only reminded her of Roger, and into a slightly nicer place in a different part of the city. Georgina spent the next five years finishing off her education, working day and night, and luckily finding apartments with neighbors who loved watching Lana free of charge. Even with her busy schedule, Georgina spent every free moment with her daughter, and the two developed a close bond. After receiving her teaching license, Georgina saved every penny and moved out of the city, back to Maine. She came into contact with her oldest brother, who had been the kindest. He informed her that their parents had passed away in a car accident, an event that Georgina wasn't too upset about. After lots of careful reading, they realized that although she had been disowned, Georgina hadn't been written out of the will. She was able to get her large share of the inheritance, and buy a nice house for her and Lana.

Mother: Priscilla Barrett
Father: Walter Barrett
Siblings: Lucas Barrett, Anthony Barrett
Children: Lana Chapman

Friends: Theodore Young, Damien Bentley, Lana Chapman, Marco Barrett, Hunter Barrett, Kennedy Lawson, Cadence Neveah, Gabriel Passione, Rachel Montez, James Montez, Maria Montez, Presley Walcott
Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Spouse: Ex-Husband: Roger Chapman
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Georgina Chapman
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