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 Annah Passione

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Annah Passione
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Annah Passione

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Name: Annah Maria Passione
Nicknames: Ann, “Coccinella” by Gabe (Ladybug in Italian.)
Age: 16
Birthday: December 18
Job/Year Entering: None
Play By: Georgie Henley

Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5’3”
Body Type: Petite, slender, precious
Distinguishing Markings: Freckles that get shockingly more apparent in the summer
Dress Style: Baggy T-shirts and leggings a lot of the time. She likes to wear Gabe’s bowties in her hair.  

Quirks: Giggles when she’s nervous, she draws a lot. On tables and her body and sometimes on other people… do seizures count as a quirk?
Likes: Movies, talkative people, people who let her draw them.
Dislikes: When people mispronounce her name, When people cling to her, classical music (sorry Gabe,) and seizures.
Strengths: smart, funny, warm, charismatic, caring
Weaknesses: Doesn’t like other people caring for her, opinionated

Family History: Annah was born on February 14, a gift to the Passione family. From birth, Annah seemed to have a special bond with her older brother, Gabriel. Annah was diagnosed at a young age with epilepsy; she has spent much of her life in and out of hospitals due to her seizures. Annah dropped out of school when she was young due to her inability to handle the cruel words of others when she would have a seizure.

Mother: Arietta Passione
Father: Abele Passione
Siblings: Gabriel Passione
Children: None

Friends: Lana, Gabriel
Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Spouse: None
Enemies: None
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Annah Passione
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