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 Slayden Smith

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Slayden Smith
Graduate of Caput Capitis
Slayden Smith

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PostSubject: Slayden Smith   Mon Jun 03, 2013 9:57 pm

Name: Slayden Lee Smith
Nicknames: Slade
Age: 17
Birthday: December 24
Job/Year Entering: 6th year
Play By: Dylan O’Brien

Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5’11”
Body Type: lean, muscular
Distinguishing Markings: Does his extremely presh smile count?
Dress Style: Very casual. Usually a plaid shirt and jeans (Like Sam Winchester basically.)

Quirks: Calls everyone ma’am and sir, chews gum constantly, Has a habit of sitting quietly and observing
Likes: Observing, quietness, Shooting, archery
Dislikes: Loudness, slow music, dancing, crowds
Strengths: patience, calmness, respect
Weaknesses: quiet, oblivious, Sort of a fool sometimes

Family History:

Mother: Meredith Smith
Father: Jordan Smith
Siblings: Karlee Smith (14) and Jacob Smith (11)

Friends: Kat – whom he’s known since we was young
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Slayden Smith
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