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 Kathryn Valentyn

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Kathryn Valentyn
Graduate of Caput Capitis
Kathryn Valentyn

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Kathryn Valentyn Tumblr_m8ju4pcekF1r4kfic

Name: Kathryn Valentyn
Nicknames: Kat, Kitty Kat
Age: 18
Birthday: November 3rd
Job/Year Entering: Sixth
Play By: Holland Roden

Hair Color: Reddish brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5' 4"
Body Type: Petite
Distinguishing Markings: A scar on her collarbone from falling off of a swing.
Dress Style: Girly

Quirks: Stares off into space when thinking
Likes: Animals, Slayden, dresses and skirts, lemonade, 80s movies, babies, ballet flats, floral prints, chiffon, Pretty Little Liars, home, Southern cooking
Dislikes: Rudeness, Jenna
Strengths: Friendly, bubbly, charismatic, good intentions
Weaknesses: Scared of Jenna, overly trusting

Family History: Kathryn Valentyn was raised in a small town in Tennessee. Her father owned a large record company in Nashville, and until Kat was about 9, her mother was a stay at home mom. Kat was very close with her older sister, Alyssa, and the entire family was close knit. They were good friends with the Smiths, who had a son that was Kat's age. Slayden and Kat were inseparable, doing everything together, always. When Kat was in eighth grade, she already knew that she wanted to be a veterinarian. She had an immense love for animals, and was interested in science. When the junior high told Kat and her parents about Caput Capitis, to say she was scared was an understatement. The longest she's been away from home was for a week during summer camp. But the school reassured her that it was the best option for Kat, and so she traveled to Maine for high school.

After her very first high school party, Kat got a call from her older sister. Her father had embezzled money from his business. Kat was in tears, and a girl she had never met before came to comfort her. Kat told her everything, and she was thankful for someone to talk to. Looking back, Kat realized that spilling the illegal business of her father to a complete stranger wasn't smart, and it would probably come back to haunt her. Sure enough, the girl showed up at Kat's dorm a week later, asking for her help in terrorizing some girl. Kat refused; she had never been a bully, and wasn't going to start now. The girl, Jenna, threatened to tell the police about what her father had done if she didn't help out. The blackmailing started as small things, but it quickly escalated and became an almost every day thing. Kat soon realized there was no way out of it, and became an ally to Jenna.

Mother: Alice Grant Valentyn
Father: Quinn Valentyn
Siblings: Alyssa Valentyn
Other: As a child, her family was close with the Smiths, and Kat and Slayden were best friends. When he returned from military academy and came to Caput Capitis, Kat couldn't have been more surprised.

Friends: Slayden Smith
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Kathryn Valentyn
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