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 Jax Crawline

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Jax Crawline
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Jax Crawline

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Name: Jackson Crawline
Nicknames: Jax
Age: 17
Birthday: November 10
Job/Year Entering: Year 5
Play By: Ash Stymest

Hair Color: Dark brown
Eye Color: Brown
Body Type: Boyish
Distinguishing Markings: He has several tattoos. And burns on his arms from cigarettes.
Dress Style: Heavy Metal band shirts and ripped/skinny jeans.

Quirks: He’s very sarcastic. He runs his fingers through his hair when he’s trying to figure something out.
Likes: Smoking, heavy metal music, smart-mouthing people, sleeping in class
Dislikes: Authority, being told what to do, being judged
Strengths: Jax is really good with words, understanding, faithful
Weaknesses: Mean, sarcastic, lazy

Family History:

Mother: Renee Crawline
Father: Unknown
Siblings: N/A
Children: N/A
Other: N/A

Friends: Lana and Matthew (sometimes)
Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Spouse: Lana Chapman
Enemies: Marco
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Jax Crawline
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