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 Riley Holt

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Riley Holt

Riley Holt

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Name: Riley Annabel Holt
Nicknames: Riles, Rile, Rahley
Age: 24
Birthday: April 2nd
Job/Year Entering: French Professor
Play By: Deborah Ann Woll

Hair Color: Auburn
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5' 4"
Body Type: Fit
Distinguishing Markings: Scar on left arm.
Dress Style: Large sweaters and tights.

Quirks: Twirls hair when out of it, licks her lips often
Likes: Large sweaters, boots, knee-high socks, food, baking, money, rain, singing loudly, being alone, children (not in a creepy way), tea, coffee, old movies, France and anything to do with it, doing hair, Lana Del Ray, loud music
Dislikes: Her family, her ex-husband, Germans, bitchy girls, jackasses
Strengths: Intelligent, passionate, fiery, witty
Weaknesses: Sarcastic, impulsive, has weak points

Family History: Riley was born into a family of Manhattan socialites, the oldest of two daughters. Despite being highly intelligent, Riley was disliked by her family due to her disinterests in the lives of Manhattan's elite. Her younger sister, Elise, was favored and Riley was often shoved to the side. Eventually, she convinced her parents to let her attend Caput Capitis, where she studied to be a lawyer while also perfecting her French. Riley moved to France, her lifelong dream, shortly after finishing college. While there, she met a German boy named Charles, and fell in love. They got married a year later, and he convinced her to move back to America for his job. While living in Boston, Riley found out he was having an affair. They divorced shortly after and she moved to a secluded home in Maine, and accepted a teaching position at her former school.

Mother: Blair Holt
Father: Ethan Holt
Siblings: Elise Holt
Children: None

Friends: Georgina, Theo, Gabriel, Lana, Belle, Sebastian, Marco
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Riley Holt
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