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 Peter Jameson Fera

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Peter Fera
School Board Official
Peter Fera

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Name: Peter Jameson Fera
Nicknames: PJ, Peej
Age: 24
Birthday: April 1st
Job/Year Entering: School Board Official
Play By: George Blagden

Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5'6
Body Type: sorta scrawny
Distinguishing Markings: hair, curly mess.
Dress Style: Office casual

Quirks: Says "Eeh" and "Erm" when he's nervous, Rubs his hands on his pants as welll
Likes: Being correct, His own bed, Neapolitan Ice cream Sandwiches, Star Trek (only tos and tng), Other pop culture nerd things, as well as CS Lewis and JRR Tolkin
Dislikes: Being lied too, Immaturity in adults, Disrespect, the ocean, Star Wars, Paranormal shows, TLC (tv channel)
Strengths: If he knows what he's supposed to do, he can talk his way in or out of anything. Friendly, Smart, witty
Weaknesses: Nervous, Can't be put on the spot, bitter, sad, breaks under preasure

Family History: PJ was born into an average family, although his mother died in childbirth, and his father remarried when PJ was 5, and again when he was 12, and once more when he was 19. He's an only child, save step-siblings, and PJ was never close to his father, the two had very different ideas and PJ was never good enough in his father's eyes. Too awkward, too mumbly, too soon, too late

Mother: Alyce Fera (nee Caraway) DECEASED
Father: Brian Fera Jr
Siblings: (Step) Maggie (19) Blu (14) Margery (18)
Other: When he was 22, PJ Proposed to his girlfriend of six years. She said yes. Three months later she called off the engagement and married another man, PJ found out through her sister. He's all achy breaky now

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Peter Jameson Fera
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