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 Maura Montez

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Maura Montez
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Maura Montez

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Maura Montez Piccit_freya_tingley___born_1994_fr_956055969.315x0
Name: Maura Rachelle Montez
Nicknames: Mars
Age: 16
Birthday: April 25th
Job/Year Entering: 5th
Play By: Freya Tingley

Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Green
Height: 5'
Body Type: Skinny, Girlish
Distinguishing Markings: In a wheelchair, asshats
Dress Style: Soft Grunge wheelchair princess

Quirks: Taps on the rims of her wheels when she's nervous, tilts head when intersted
Likes: School, the boy in front of her in Advanced Broadcasting, Reading, Sassing, Doing neat tricks in her chair
Dislikes: Being handicap, Broccoli, Often times Sebastian.
Strengths: Witty, intelligent, Quick, Studious
Weaknesses: Sarcastic, Sassy, Impulsive, addictive personality.

Family History: The Second and youngest Montez child, Maura was born premature with loads of problems. Lucky for the family, all but one were solved, leaving the girl wheelchair bound for life. Her family is very kind and helps her as much as they can, What with her dad being a surgeon and her mom running a foreign language school. Sebastian is helpful... sometimes

Mother: Rachel (nee Emerson) Montez
Father: James Montez
Siblings: Sebastian Montez (17)

Friends: Matthew, Belle, Cadence, Seb
Enemies: "Marco"
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Maura Montez
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