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 Matthew Durringer

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Matthew Durringer

Matthew Durringer

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Matthew Durringer Tumblr_li36fchVjV1qzvx7mo1_500

Name: Matthew Alexander Durringer
Nicknames: Matt, Mattie
Age: 17
Birthday: January 31st
Job/Year Entering: 5th
Play By: bootymaster

Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: blue
Height: tall
Body Type: human
Distinguishing Markings: He's got a load of scars on his back and arms
Dress Style: Marco dresses him for the most part, so pretty good. He wears long sleeves always though.

Quirks: Twists his hands when he's nervous, stutters, stammers, generally a nervous person
Likes: reading, swimming, justice
Dislikes: When Marco starts being all Marco-y, being ditched, being forced into uncomfy situations
Strengths: he can lie pretty well and is very good at keeping secrets
Weaknesses: he cant lie well under pressure and sort of just breaks down when such things happen

Family History:

Mother: Patrica Durringer
Father: Cardoc Durringer (left when Matt was very young. No contact with him)
Siblings: Catie Durringer (13)(deceased) Jada Durringer (14) Hayden (16)(deceased)

Friends: Marco
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Matthew Durringer
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