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 Kyle Neiman

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Kyle Neiman
Marine Biology Student
Kyle Neiman

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Name: Kyle Allen Neiman
Nicknames: Ky
Age: 17
Birthday: March 19th
Job/Year Entering: Junior (5th)
Play By: RJ King

Hair Color: Dirty blonde
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 6' 2"
Body Type: Tall, muscular but not too muscular
Distinguishing Markings: Dumb hair
Dress Style: T-shirts and jeans

Quirks: Always runs his hand through his hair
Likes: Girls, partying, water, TLC reality shows, breaking the rules, girls, coffee
Dislikes: Tea, pricks, math, rules, anything artsy
Strengths: Clever, charismatic
Weaknesses: Arrogant, flirts with everyone's girl

Family History: Kyle Neiman never really fit in with his family. He was the middle child of an author and painter, and he never felt as if he belonged. His older brother was a "cinematic genius", his younger sister played at Carnegie Hall when she was 12, Kyle was just, well, Kyle. His whole family was a fan of the arts, and while they were watching classic films and seeing plays, Kyle preferred to lay in his bed and watch television. He was far too ordinary, as far as he was concerned. Kyle grew to hate everything "artsy", disliking most literature and films.

When Kyle was fifteen and his parents realized he wasn't a prodigy, they realized something had to be done. They sent him off to Caput Capitis to study marine biology, water and animals being two of the few things he enjoyed.

Mother: Katherine Neiman
Father: Taylor Neiman
Siblings: Steven Neiman (22), Andrea Neiman (15)

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Kyle Neiman
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