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 Remy North

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Remy North
Cultural Literature Student

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PostSubject: Remy North   Sat Jan 18, 2014 11:55 pm

Name:Remy North
Age: 17
Birthday: May 12
Job/Year Entering: Junior

Hair Color: red
Eye Color: Light brown
Height: 6'
Body Type: thin and bony
Distinguishing Markings: lots of IV marks on his inner arms
Dress Style: baggy clothes

Quirks: drums his fingers, tilts his head, says "Uh" a lot
Likes: video games, small mammals, books
Dislikes: large mammals, salsa, confrontation
Strengths: Smart
Weaknesses: Weak

Family History: Remy North wasn’t supposed to be born. He wasn’t really an accident, but his mother was so ill when she was with him, the doctors didn’t think she’d survive. They never even thought he had a chance. But he was. It was the middle of the summer, one of the hottest days when he was born. He was the tinest thing, ill from the start. His lungs didn’t work right and his heartbeat was far too fast. His life became a series of expiration dates and low expectations. He spent a good majority of his childhood in the hospital, only to be cheered up by his best friend and cousin, Maebell. She visited him every week and always brought him tiny trinkets and when he got older, books and games. When he was finally released his parents wanted him to get the most out of what life he could have with faulty lungs and a bad heart, as well as allergies to almost everything and an immune system that kept him in bed throughout the winter months.
Remy is a total romantic, despite the fact that he’s never been in love and thinks that he probably won’t ever be, with his body constantly trying to destroy itself. Ever since he was a young kid, he’s dreamed of falling in love and being happy.

Mother: Hazel North
Father: Braxton North
Siblings: Reba North (19)

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Remy North
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