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 Wesley Maddox

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Wesley Maddox
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Name: Wesley Anthony Jameson Maddox
Nicknames: Maddox
Age: 17
Birthday: July 10
Job/Year Entering: idk he's a junior
Play By: model boy

Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: hazel?
Height: idk 5'11
Body Type: lazy
Distinguishing Markings:
Dress Style: rich


Family History:
Wesley, or Maddox as his "friends" call him, has always had everything given to him. He’s the son of the CEO of a very wealthy company and since birth he has been fed by a silver spoon. While Weasley doesn’t act it, he is quite spoilt and stuck up. Weasley doesn’t know his parents well, as he was raised by a series of Nanny’s who all left because he is a vile little brat. When he turned 16 his parents had had enough of him getting arrested and pulled over and taken to jail for the night over things like drinking and setting of fireworks and smokebombs in public places and decided to give him a choice. Boarding School or the Military Academy where his one older brother taught. Weasley and his brother never had gotten along, his older brother being quite humble and kind, so Weasley chose Boarding School. However, he got to bring his toys and friends with him to his boarding school. Which he was expelled from after one year. CC is his second school, and his last hope.

Mother: Joan Maddox
Father: John Anthony Maddox
Siblings: John Maddox Jr (25) Mallory May Maddox (14)

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Wesley Maddox
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