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 Eliot Shrike

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Eliot Shrike
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Eliot Shrike

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Name: Eliot Rayman Shrike
Age: 17
Birthday: December 29
Job/Year Entering: 5th
Play By: Alex Vlahos

Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 6'5
Body Type: Weak
Distinguishing Markings: He never smiles
Dress Style: Black

Quirks: Doesn't smile, looks at his feet when he's lying or nervous, wrings his hands a lot
Likes: Music, history, writing, running
Dislikes: social interactions, school, rude people, corn, cOUNTRY MUSIC
Strengths: Keeps himself together (for the most part), strong willed, quiet, smart
Weaknesses: Doesn't allow himself to get close to people, scared, vain, sarcastic

Family (pls ignore his misspelled name lmao)
Family History:Eliot was born in the dead of winter. It was snowing and his mother was very young, but she still kept him. Eliot loved his parents both very much and they adored Eliot. Sadly, Eliot’s father was died suddenly when Eliot was 5. His mother fell into a deep depression after this, which meant Eliot was on his own quite a lot. He loved his mother and always tried to cheer her up, and for the first year it worked, he managed to get her to smile when he drew her pictures or picked flowers or told a silly joke, but the two years after that were very rough for Eliot. His mother wasn’t in the best place, and ended up having another child, a girl named Arielle. Eliot loved his little sister even more. He was six years older than her, but that just meant he could take care of her even more, protect her from his new dad, a angry man who his mother married when he was eight. After that life was pretty tough for Eliot. His step dad didn’t like his drawings or flowers and told Eliot that he needed to be a boy and made him go outside all day. When Arielle got a little older, she would follow him outside and they’d play games together, like baseball or tag or they’d borrow roller skates from the kids down the street, they couldn’t afford their own, but Arielle loved to roller skate. When Eliot was 12 he came home from school to find that his step father had snapped. He doesn’t remember much of the day but Arielle’s screaming. And blood. He remembers there was blood everywhere. The year after that, he was thirteen. He doesn’t remember much of it, other than he spent it in a children’s home and was constantly visited by people trying to help him, but he wouldn’t talk. He didn’t talk for two years. When Eliot was sixteen, he broke his silence. He requested leave, he needed out of his tiny new york town. So they sent him to cc.

Mother: Briane Shrike (deceased)
Father: Alan Shrike (Deceased)
Step-Father: Ryker Lane (deceased)
Siblings: Arielle Lane (6) (deceased)

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Eliot Shrike
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