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 Noelle Falls

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Noelle Falls
Dancing Student
Noelle Falls

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Noelle Falls Tumblr_mtucu2HCfo1s5q1k4o1_250Noelle Falls Tumblr_mtucu2HCfo1s5q1k4o5_250Noelle Falls Tumblr_mtucu2HCfo1s5q1k4o3_250

Name: Noelle Marie Falls
Nicknames: Elle, Noel (pronounced Nole)
Age: 17
Birthday: December 25th
Job/Year Entering: Junior
Play By: Claire Julien

Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5' 9"
Body Type: Thin
Distinguishing Markings:
Dress Style:

Quirks: Dances with her feet while sitting
Likes: Ballet, flats, loose clothes, tights
Dislikes: Partying
Strengths: Friendly, coordinated
Weaknesses: Judgmental, not afraid to speak her mind

Family History: When Noelle was four, her mother took her into the city to see the ballet. The young girl was captivated, and knew from that moment on she wanted to be a ballerina. She took classes from then on, finding nothing more enjoyable. As her mother would say, ballet made her eyes shine like the stars. Her parents loved watching their daughter dance through the halls, and supported her through everything.

Noelle was never overweight, not by far. However, as she got older, the other ballet dancers got thinner and thinner, to the point where Noelle was almost embarrassed to wear her leotard in front of them. It wasn't until these stick thin girls got more solos that Noelle realized she had to do something. She cut down on her eating, eventually only eating one meal a day. She thinned away fast enough, but she still didn't feel good enough. After months and months of starvation, Noelle knew she needed to stop. But, she couldn't go back to eating regularly. She forced herself to eat, but everything she put down only came back up. Eventually, her mother noticed that there was something wrong, and got Noelle help. Although she has recovered, Noelle still eats very little. She enjoys nothing more than dancing, and tends to be reserved. She is far from a social butterfly, and isn't afraid to put people in their place. However, she is kind-hearted and would be a loyal friend.

When Noelle was 16, her mother was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer. It was hard on the family, and her mother passed away only six months later. Although Noelle was heartbroken, it was worse on her father. He couldn't look her in the eye; she reminded him too much of her mother. He sent her to Caput Capitis to continue dancing where he wouldn't have to be reminded of the loss of his wife.

Mother: Gina Falls
Father: Marcus Falls

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Noelle Falls
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